Alternate History Thursday – Spys


SR-71 photo

In our current reality, air supremacy is the most important part of warfare.  And while the SR-71 might not play much of a role in the supremacy part of the air-force, it does play an important part in the knowledge part.


Here you can have a virtual tour inside the cockpit of that iconic plane.


And now for something, completely different:

In an alternate version of our alternate history, the SR-71 was never constructed, because it was never needed.  Air supremacy was something that was only used in the closing days of World War II.  Soon after the war ended, space became the next frontier, just like in real reality.  However, in AV-AH, space was conquered.  The Communist State of the American Continents (C-SAC) was first to launch rockets into low earth orbit, (just like in RR, those damn commies beat the democracy & freedom loving people to space).  However, their solo reign didn’t last too long.  Soon, the United Countries of Europe (UCE), manager to launch their own unmanned probes into low earth orbit.  Within years humans from both sides were circling the globe, waving at each other as they passed in private, but shooting at each other in public.

By the early 1970s semi permanent bases had been established in low earth orbit by both global forces.  No one had yet landed on The Moon, but that would soon happen.  Experts, and pundits across the globe were calling for The Moon to become the Switzerland of Space.  The one common neutral ground that didn’t belong to anyone.  The Commies wouldn’t have it, and neither would the UCE (which, unsurprisingly, Switzerland was not a member of).

UCE ships landed on The Moon first, establishing a permanent base in one of the craters.  C-SAC had a dilemma now though, land their own ships somewhere else and claim ownership of that part of The Moon, take the Swiss up on their offer of neutrality for the Heavenly body, or start a war?  Can you guess what C-SAC did?

Tune in next time to find out.


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