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Thanks to Twitter, Space will continue to remain free.  Or at least awesome photos of rocket launches, and the aftermath of said launches.  Following NASA’s lead, SpaceX has released all of the photos of their launches into the Public Domain.

SpaceX recently launched a Flickr stream of their photos of the launches, and processes, and rockets and stuff, originally the photos were licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, but NASA being a US Government agency, all of their photos are a part of the Public Domain, which means that you can do whatever you want with them and not worry.  Originally you had to credit SpaceX somewhere if you wanted to use their photos making it not so fair.  But, since Elon Musk is frekin ACE, he just up and decided he was gonna Public Domain those bitches cause someone asked him nicely.

You can thank Twitter user Pandoomic for it, he suggested it to Elon Musk.

{Peta Pixel}

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