Wood Carvings


Reddit user spiderpark, is an avid wood carver.  A pretty talented one too.  He’s made some very detailed, small wood carvings:

Wood Highways

That one is hard to see at first, but once you realize it, it’s right there.  That is a very complicated highway intersection exchange.  Viewing those from above is pretty cool, design your own though is even cooler I think.  It allows you to vent all those frustrations you get when you’re sitting in traffic on the beautifully designed annoyance

Wood Appartments

That’s pretty easy though, an apartment building, or office building, but a building in general.  Complete with two elevator shafts, one a service elevator it looks like.

He has an Imgur album with more photos of those two I posted, as well as a few other items, it’s pretty neat stuff.


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