360° Video


Google & YouTube have just released the coolest new feature on the site in years.  Sure Performance enhancements, and HTML5 Video are cool and all, but this wins hands down. 360° Pannable video, that’s right, take your mouse, and drag around the screen to move the camera’s viewpoint.  It’s frekin ACE.  It’s too bad it currently only works in Chrome

The Red Bull F1 video is the best of those 6 in the playlist,  if you only watch one, watch that.  The only downside I have is that the resolution is very poor, it reminds me of what YouTube was like when it first launched, not the 1080p stuff we’re used to today.  But these are just the first videos uploaded to show the experience, I’m sure it will get better as more people take advantage of it.  You should take advantage of the viewing,  As I said before, it’s ACE.

{Google Operating System|YouTube Blog}

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