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Snow Crop Circles

I’ve posted similar things to this in the past, well here’s another artist using crowd sourcing methods to make his own version of Snow Crop Circles:

Sonja Hinrichsen gives volunteers, in this case 60 individuals, snowshoes, and a series of patterns they were instructed to walk in.  Together, they walked out onto a frozen lake and created the designs above.  Like crop circles, these designs are meant to be view from high up.  So it’s only fitting that a drone took most of the above footage.

Ms. Hinrichsen has done 8 more snow art projects like this, you can view them all on her website here.  It’s interesting to see the different colors that the contrast makes with the drawings in the snow, or the lack thereof.  I would venture a guess that the darker ones were post-processed to bring out the patterns better.


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