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Amateur 1:1 V2

Germany’s V2 is the granddaddy of modern rockets.  In WW2 the Germans launched over 3,000 of them against the Allies in an effort to demoralize and win.  It didn’t work.  But the key people involved surrendered to the Americans and under Operation Paperclip, became American Citizens and eventually helped to create the Saturn V, the most powerful rocket ever made, the one that sent US to The Moon.

A team of model rocket enthusiasts have been slowly building larger, and larger scale models of the original V2.  They have been successful so far, and this weekend down in Australia, they will launch a 1:1 scale model of that rocket, the largest amateur rocket.  In case you want to know how large that is, look at this photo:

V2 for scale

The engine that powers it has similar thrust numbers to a Sidewinder missile, which itself is over 50 years old.  I wish them luck, they are recording their adventure, so if all goes well, there should be some video next week of it.


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