TIE Fighter MOD


Drones are such an overrated name, quad-copters, or cheap RC helicopters are better, but those names aren’t cool enough, so we had to go with drones.  Oh well, can’t change society, it was tried before, it didn’t work out too well for those involved.

Instead of living with the mundane quad-copter design, DIYer Oliver has come up with a styrofoam design that emulates the TIE-Interceptor design.  Even with glowing ION drive and laser guns.  It’s pretty neat.  Too bad it adds so much weight to the aircraft which takes down speed, maneuverability, and battery life.  But, as technology advances, so shall the Star Wars themed drones.


Here’s a video from at night, it looks cooler, trust me:

He also made one of the Millenium Falcon, I like the TIE fighter better myself.


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