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Alternate Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of those interesting games,  It’s a sport that everyone can play, doesn’t look that hard, and is in the Olympics for some reason.  That being said, the boring old table tennis design is well, just that boring.  The aptly named uberpong has a collection of other interesting table tennis table designs.  Most of them are concept, or just cool designs on the table, but these two I’m about to show you are my two favorites:

This table incorporates a water feature/hazard into the game.  I’m not sure why there are 4 stations for players, or the direction you’re supposed to play, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

pipe tennis

Artist Laurent Perbos has taken a pipe, suspended it and turned it into a ping-pong table.  I like this design best.  It’s harder to loose the ball off the sides, and really adds a cool dynamic to the game I think.  Now if only it were easier to transport, and make it could be viable.


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