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Parks & Recreation

It’s ok if you’re not familiar with the show Parks & Recreation, it’s never really broken out of it’s cult following, even though it managed to make it 7 whole seasons on NBC.  Seeing as how you’re on the internet, and you’ve somehow found this site, it’s pretty hard to not know some of the main characters.  I won’t bother going over all of them here, there’s just too many good lines, and it would do the show a disservice to ruin the good jokes by posting the best .gifs of the show, and let’s be honest, you can pretty see almost entire episodes in .gif format on certain sites.

No, instead I will point you to the following recurring short on Conan featuring Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson:

It’s pretty useless, and shows the state of the world and what we care about.  There’s a whole series on them, you can watch them if you want.  I urge you however to watch Parks & Recreation instead.  It’s on Netflix, you have no excuse.  Also, the series is ending tonight, so really, you should get on watching it, it’s quite good.{imgur}

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