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Indoor Skating Rink

Indoor Ice Rink

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like.  Someone didn’t turn the water off at the street, and so their entire basement got full of water.  Then since the house was unoccupied, and had no heat, that water froze.  You have to admit, that looks pretty sick.  Right out of a videogame if you ask me, the block walls really help give it the perfect videogame vibe, (which is kinda what the top comment on the reddit thread is saying)  It’s a shame that the home is now condemned though.  Luckily, no one is currently living in it, so no one is homeless.

There’s a couple more photos on this imgur album, but they don’t nearly convey the coolness of the above.


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Australian ICE Hockey

underwater hockey

Well, not really in Australia, but going by how the internet views Australia, this is how they should be playing, upside down, on the other side of the ice.  In reality, this is a game of “ice” hockey played in full scuba gear on the underside of a frozen lake.  Instead of goals, there are triangles cut into the ice that the players try to shoot the buoyant wooden puk into.

More surprisingly, there is a non-scuba version of this game that is apparently recognized as an official sport somewhere.  In that version, players surface every 30s to get air, and the game ends as soon as someone gets the puck in the hole.

Here’s a great video of event, including underwater, upside hockey:

{imgur|Siberian Times}

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I may be a year behind the times, but you still gotta admit, this is a pretty cool video.  It also looks super dangerous, but remember, all the best things have an element of danger to them.  One of the advantages to being a year behind is that we can now watch the entire Built For It Trials ad campaign.  This makes it worth it in itself.


Here’s a them making a Sand Castle:

The other 3 videos in the series, Lantern Festival, Bull in a China Shop, and Gravity are not nearly as exciting, at least from a lay-person’s perspective.  You can watch the entire series on this playlist.

{Advertising Age}

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Parks & Recreation

It’s ok if you’re not familiar with the show Parks & Recreation, it’s never really broken out of it’s cult following, even though it managed to make it 7 whole seasons on NBC.  Seeing as how you’re on the internet, and you’ve somehow found this site, it’s pretty hard to not know some of the main characters.  I won’t bother going over all of them here, there’s just too many good lines, and it would do the show a disservice to ruin the good jokes by posting the best .gifs of the show, and let’s be honest, you can pretty see almost entire episodes in .gif format on certain sites.

No, instead I will point you to the following recurring short on Conan featuring Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson:

It’s pretty useless, and shows the state of the world and what we care about.  There’s a whole series on them, you can watch them if you want.  I urge you however to watch Parks & Recreation instead.  It’s on Netflix, you have no excuse.  Also, the series is ending tonight, so really, you should get on watching it, it’s quite good.{imgur}

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Pokemon China

No, Pokemon is from Japan you idiot.  Well, not the geographic China, the breakable, often faked, China:

Pokemon Plate

Artist Olly Moss has created these hybrid plates that combine classic China patterns, and classic Gameboy games.  Why, just because, don’t ask.


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Freezing SCIENCE!

Yea, this video serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  Kind of like our Microwave Science videos.  Anyway, Liquid Nitrogen is cool, pun intended, this giant koosh ball is strange, and even if it were half-price, I could think of a bunch of other things I’d rather put in liquid nitrogen then a plastic koosh ball.  Anyway, useless internet videos, enjoy.

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Semi-Visible Art

Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian makes beautiful works of art that you can only truly appreciate under a black-light.  To the unsuspecting person they are just entering a plain white room, but turn the regular lights down, and the UV lights up and her masterpieces come to life.

Space Scene

This other painting is more traditional while in normal light, but comes alive under UV:

space landscape

She doesn’t limit herself to two dimensional walls either, she works on ceramics, and body art.

It’s all pretty cool, black lights are unique, I think it would be a cool accent to put on children’s rooms, especially at Dr’s Offices and hospitals, I bet it would cheer them up.


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High Quality Storms

A good .gif is something you can watch over and over.  A great .gif is something you can watch over and over and is perfectly looped.  My friends, I give you some truly great .gifs  They are mostly storm related, but they are mesmerizing, and perfectly looped.  Watch them all over at extreme instability but be warned, they are pretty large in file size.

Below are two of my favorites:

Storm at Sunset


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How NOT to put out a Fire

These firefighters are about to show you how you do not extinguish a car fire:

The first minute of the video is unnecessary, as is the last few minutes.  Just the immediate seconds above.  It’s pretty funny.  It’s a good thing no one was hurt, and the guardrail was there, otherwise things could have gotten very worse.  I wonder though, who’s fault would it have been had that car crashed into someone else’s home?  I’m sure dealing with  insurance in that case would be a nightmare.  It’s an accident, yes, is it the car owner’s fault?  No, they clearly were not in the vehicle when it crashed.  Is it the firefighters fault?  Only by technicality.  Strange, I don’t want to think about it.


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Alternate History Thursday: Death of Music

On February 03, 1959 in the state of Iowa a plane crash claimed the lives of 4 Americans, 3 music icons, and their pilot.  It is known as The Day The Music Died, importalized by Don McLean’s American Pie.

This song is often misunderstood, or misinterpreted and for good measure.  Don McLean himself often refuses to talk about it, and you know humanity, we can’t leave anything well enough alone, so we try and come up with meanings for things ourselves.  This guy has probably my favorite interpretation of it (on the worst possible website).  What we know is that it’s about the death of Buddy Holly.  Who, along with Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, perished in the plane crash piloted by Roger Peterson.  I can’t say much for the last 2 (before the pilot), but Buddy Holly was a good act.  If you’re not familiar with his stuff, you should make yourself familiar.