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Melting Caves

In the shadow of Mt. Hood in northern Oregon lies what is thought to be the largest Glacier Cave system in the lower 48, Sandy Glacier Caves.  Due to reasons beyond our control, the glaciers are retreating, and so the ice caves are changing.  Getting larger in places, but smaller overall.  They’re also pretty dangerous in general.  Think of a glacier and how it carved the valley of Yosemite, and left giant rocks all over the place in other places.  Now think of it melting, and you standing inside a cave.  All of a sudden a boulder falls on top of you.  Then you get stuck there and become a monument 100,000 years later in future earth where dolphins walk around.

Here is the somewhat long video they hiked up there to make:

It’s pretty good, but pretty artsy too.  I liked it though, and it makes me want to go visit it.  Or visit a Glacier Ice Cave somewhere.  Perhaps somewhere that’s easier to get to.

The Behind the Scenes video is better, like the title says, it shows how it was made, the equipment used, and stuff like that.  Plus it’s half as long.  But really, take 12 minutes out of your day to watch the two videos, and read this post.  You’ll do yourself a favor that way:

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