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Alternate History Thursdays: New Beginings

The end of the month, but the beginning of the year.  So far this year has been pretty uneventful, snow, Television, pretty standard stuff.  However, the year is just beginning, and it’s about to get crazy.

100 years ago an alliance was formed with the other dimensions.  The guardians of our present dimension allied themselves with those of NuytBat Dimension, and the Parallellly Dimension.  Together, this tri-axis alliance was used to fend off the parasitic lifeforms that were invading.  No one is quite sure where these lifeforms came from.  The common theory is that they were formed via experiments into cross-dimensional travel by humans in the late 2200s, clearly, everything is always humanity’s fault.

Nonetheless, we’ve successfully held The Rock at bay.  No, this parasite has nothing to do with The Rock, it’s just the common name for the parasite.  Unfortunately it’s been engraved in the minds and souls of the tri-axis members.

2015 marks the 101 year since the alliance was formed.  It was widely held that the parasite wouldn’t last this long, but it’s show resilience to every form of attack we’ve thrown at it.  We are running out of time, the Parallelly are nearly overrun, and have even agreed to take refuge in our “poor dimension,” as they call it.  I urge you to fight this menace, to help us purge it from existence.  With a near infinite number of universes out there there must be one where we have the cure.  It just becomes a matter of finding that one, and not the one where The Rock is super powerful and all knowing.

The NuyBat do not want us to use these cross-dimensional machines for they fear this is exactly how The Rock formed, but we feel that there is no choice left.

This is our final transmission for the foreseeable future.  We will record our progress to help others, but it will be encrypted so that the wrong hands do not get ahold of it.


Those who wish to follow in our footsteps, the decryption is here:


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Snow Cleaners

Did you ever wonder how they clean the snow off large busses, and trucks that sit in parking lots over night?  I didn’t really wonder it, but while on a YouTube blitz I discovered this video:

What I was wondering was how to big cities melt their snow.  Due to “environmental” concerns, NYC can’t just dump the snow in the East River.  So instead giant melters are used to melt the snow.  The melted snow, or water, will eventually find it’s way into the East River somehow though, so it’s all good.

In case you’re wondering, this is how they melt the snow, with a giant tea pot essentially

awesome DIY


With the impending snow event this week, here’s a cool video of a massive snowball a bunch of people made and rolled down a hill:

There’s really not much else to say about it.  Well, don’t try it yourself, that’s for sure.


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Melting Caves

In the shadow of Mt. Hood in northern Oregon lies what is thought to be the largest Glacier Cave system in the lower 48, Sandy Glacier Caves.  Due to reasons beyond our control, the glaciers are retreating, and so the ice caves are changing.  Getting larger in places, but smaller overall.  They’re also pretty dangerous in general.  Think of a glacier and how it carved the valley of Yosemite, and left giant rocks all over the place in other places.  Now think of it melting, and you standing inside a cave.  All of a sudden a boulder falls on top of you.  Then you get stuck there and become a monument 100,000 years later in future earth where dolphins walk around.

Here is the somewhat long video they hiked up there to make:

It’s pretty good, but pretty artsy too.  I liked it though, and it makes me want to go visit it.  Or visit a Glacier Ice Cave somewhere.  Perhaps somewhere that’s easier to get to.

The Behind the Scenes video is better, like the title says, it shows how it was made, the equipment used, and stuff like that.  Plus it’s half as long.  But really, take 12 minutes out of your day to watch the two videos, and read this post.  You’ll do yourself a favor that way:

{Peta Pixel|fstoppers}

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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: LEGO

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the game that really got me hooked on the Zelda franchise.  Yes, I played Ocarina of Time on N64, but it didn’t click with me.  I was too busy shooting things in Goldeneye, or flying around in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.  Even with all of the sailing around and collection of things on the giant overworld, I still really loved the game.

Wind Waker LEGO

An internet user by the name of BrucilSprout loves the game (as do many other people across the world).  This person recreated the ocean overworld with LEGOs.  Although, it looks like they used the LEGO Digital Designer program to do it.  Which means that you just need to get the file, and then you can order, or piece together all 1,900 LEGO bricks yourself.

Now, the real question is, where are all these 1,900 bricks?  It looks like there should be maybe 200.


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Analog Static

CES was last week.  I bet you knew that.  I bet you saw some of the ace TVs and drones that were all the rage.  I bet you didn’t see this hi-tech, low-tech screen:

It has a resolution of 74,088 mechanical pixels. That sounds impressive, until you do the math and realize that it’s only 588×126.  No 4k here.  It’s limited to a 30fps refresh rate.  Also, it’s only B&W.  And it uses over 3,000 Watts of power when all the dots are being flipped.  It’s still pretty ace though isn’t it?

{Hacked Gadgets|Hackaday}

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Person Of Interest

There really isn’t a valid reason why you shouldn’t be watching Person of Interest.  It’s really the best television show on right now.  Sure it may have started as a basic person of the week show, but by the end of the first season, it started to show it’s true colors.

Now in it’s 4th season, it’s remained high up there as a great show.

Especially the last few episodes.  Be fore warned, there are spoilers in the videos below.


The opening to The Devil’s Share remains the greatest opening to a show I’ve ever seen.

Please, start to watch this show.  You’ll have plenty of time to catch up while Season 4 is on a short break for the next few weeks.  Give this show the recognization it deserves, so that we can get many seasons out ot if.



First Person Flying

Well, not entirely, but it’s still cool to see the inside of a WW2 Mosquito.  In other words, did you know there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to World War II airplanes.  It’s called /r/WWIIplanes, it’s pretty ace.{reddit}

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History of Halo

Did You Know Gaming has a nice video on the history of Halo: Combat Evolved.  It’s full of some interesting facts about the first game in the series, and some of the history of Bungie.  There’s some background information of weapons that were planned at one time for the game, some of the sounds.  But the real interesting stuff is how Bungie meshed with Microsoft when they were acquired.  That’s interesting.  I won’t spoil it, and it’s only 10minutes long, so watch it.


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Cups of Guns

Cups is a pretty addicting song, it stays in your head and is actually not bad.  Playing The Cup Song with guns, now that is a step in the right direction.  Welcome to the new year guys.

Here’s the regular version: