DIY Fountain Lights


The Fountains of Bellagio are world renowned.  In fact they are probably the one item at Las Vegas that everyone who goes there sees.  Weahter it’s by accident or on purpose, it’s hard to miss them.  I’ve spent much of a summer’s afternoon in front of them watching the different displays, and songs that they used.  They are just that fun.

Well for about $700, Scott Schneider over in Washington has built his own (smaller) version of them.  Using 3 kiddie pools, each with 5 independently powered and lighted jets, he’s able to make his own mini fountain displays.  Couple it with a computer, a custom short range radio broadcaster, 1,200 gallons of water, and you have everything you need to put on a Christmas display to put everyone in awe.

Yes, this was posted 8 months ago, but now is the time of year to watch it, not April.  So that’s why I waited to bring it to your attention.


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