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Stumble Apocalypse

This will end up being the last Stumble post of the year.  I used to have one a month, but sadly, Stumbleupon isn’t what it used to be, and isn’t something that I stay up all night doing anymore.  Many of these pictures come from Imgur, and Reddit now, but I still mix in some stumbles, because it’s still a great way to kill time.

So let’s get down to it, here are you guys ready for another dose of stumbles?

up the wall

That’s what these following images are going to do to you {imgur}


What is going on here?  Seriously, does everyone just want to die in the above? {reddit}


hands skit

This is just a good skit, and btwz, this gif broke my server when I tried to upload it, so you better appreciate it. {reddit}

the slug

Yea, that is totally the way to pick up chicks. {reddit}

Rainbow Flip book

That’s pretty cool, useless, but cool.  Then again, all those flip books are pretty useless. {imgur}

green text

I don’t care if it’s fake or not, it’s still hilarious. {imgur}

dropped beam

I’m more amazed at the reaction of the chase car.  He stopped pretty damn fast. {imgur}

gumball machine

I don’t like candy, but I’d probably play this though.  {reddit}




This is what I’m going to leave you with, it truly is WTF worthy {reddit}


Kevin Spacey

4chan, some of the greatest things on the internet came from that wretched place, for some reason, this one caused me pain in laughter. {imgur}

For the 2nd to last item, this isn’t really a stumble because it came from my RSS, but it’s something I think belongs here, the following is from Buttersafe:


It also fits well this this episode of Jake & Amir:

This screen shot is watermarked from some other site, so it could be fake (as could all 4chan things), but it’s still catchy. {imgur}



This is impressive, I’m sure it was set up, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. {imgur}

And finally, I leave you with this fitting scene from reddit:

Coke Nativity

Until next time, on stumble-video-direct!


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