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Alternate History Thursday: Pearl Harbor

Did you honestly think that I would forget this day?  Honestly?  Come on now, don’t be silly.

USS West Virginia
USS West Virginia

There’s not much to say regarding this event in our alternate timeline.  Well, there is one major difference, the attack wasn’t on America, it was by America, on the peaceful nation of New Zealand.  New Zealand, being allied with Australia, which in turn was allied with Great Britain, was a dangerous staging post in the Pacific.  You may remember that Britain was determined on world domination, but the world had had enough.  Hitler in Europe, and FDR in America decided to team up against Britain.

Britain wasn’t convinced that America could harm them, afterall, they were surrounded by oceans, but the Communistic American Military was no match for the puny Pacific ocean. They paved the way across the ocean finally landing on New Zealand, and decimated the British outposts there.  Unlike our present reality, in this alternate one, the attacked doesn’t turn around and claim victory a few years later, they stay down.

But, that’s all in another timeline, in this timeline, thousands of Free Americans died on this unprovoked attack by the Empire of Japan.  Remember them, remember the day, let’s make sure it never happens again.

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