Alternate History Thursday – Max Headroom


This isn’t exactly very creepy, but it is pretty interesting.  I like unsolved mysteries like this.  It’s not too creepy, no one was murdered, and it’s an overall fun event.  That being said, it wasn’t completely harmless.  One of the key theories as to how this happened can be traced to an alternate time line.

In late 1990 the technology to travel backwards through time was discovered.  It wasn’t perfected yet, and was really only about sending messages, but it worked, if you could convince someone to believe you that is.  Kind of like that part of 12 Monkeys, you know with the phone call and answering machine?  Well, in 1987, someone tried to convince the general Chicago area of the US of something.  What it was we really weren’t sure, but it was an attempt by humans from an alternate dimension to get us to listen.  Did we listen?  Probably, since backwards time travel hasn’t been invented, so I guess something worked..


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