The Money Pit


Riptide was an interesting book, it engaged you and kept you guessing, I won’t spoil the book’s ending for you,  but below you can listen to a podcast about the actual pit that inspired the book.  Yes, the story I’m about to tell you is based on true events, but Futility Closet seems to take some of the magic away from it.

Oak Island is located in Nova Scotia, on it is a pit that dozens of people have sunk money into over the years looking for buried treasure.  What makes this pit special is that at periodic intervals, wooden planks were found.  On top of that, at certain depths, water rushed in seemingly from nowhere.  It all goes back to legends of pirates and buried treasure.

The history of the island is pretty interesting, but as I said before, the podcast below kind of takes away some of the charm of it.  There’s also a television show on The History Channel called The Curse of Oak Island.  I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like two brothers have conned The History Channel into being the latest people to sunk money into the pit.

{Futility Closet}

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