Alternate History Thursday: Desert Fox



On this day in 1944, Erwin Rommel, the famed “Desert Fox,” was given the unique opportunity to kill himself.  You see, he was semi involved in the failed July 20 Plot, Operation Valkyrie, to kill Adolf Hitler.  Being the famed war hero, and popular public figure, he wasn’t put on trial, or outright killed by the Gestapo, instead he was given a cyanide pill and a state funeral.  WW2 Today has a nice take on the day from the words of Rommel’s son, it’s worth the read.

In our alternate reality, Rommel wasn’t accused of treason because in our alternate reality, Hitler wasn’t evil.  Instead, today is remembered as the day that Rommel pushed back England in the Cross Atlantic Landing, Alternate History’s version of D-Day.  His tactics successfully put the final nail in the coffin of the English Empire.  After the war, Rommel used his strategic knowledge to assist the growing number of freed english nations to join up, and come together as one united nation.


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