PBS ruins Sci-Fi


PBS has done the regular “science as we currently understand it” take on popular Science Fiction battles.  Easily glossing over the 2nd word of the genera’s title, fiction.  Sure, if you take what we currently know of physics, and the current levels of technology that we have, space battles would largely be uneventful, boring, and either over in minutes, or days.  Would those make for an interesting and engaging story?  No.  You know what would?  World War 2 action reels.

You can argue until you’re blue in the face about all the physics and science behind space battles.  And I won’t disagree with you on any of that.  I will tell you that just because you may be technically correct, it doesn’t mean you have to get all up in my face about it.  Let me watch my unrealistic, atmospheric fly-bys in the middle of space.  Let me see nuclear missiles fly off and explode in spectacular fiery explosions.  I know it’s not real.  I’m not watching/reading a documentary.


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