Messages in a Bottle


x-files reply

Finding a message in a bottle is a fantasy of many little kids I bet.  Well, reddit user hgbleackley got the surprise of a lifetime when they were younger.  They hastley wrote a note and stuck it in a bottle and threw it over the side of a ferry into the Pacific Ocean.  Well, eventually, one of her messages, which told of their love of The X-Files found it’s way to someone who worked on the show.  This nice person managed to get an official response from the show including a signed photo of the two leading stars:

Scully, Mulder

This is a pretty neat thing.  It makes me want to get a few bottles and make my own messages.  But then I’d have my address out there for all sorts of people to find, including tax collectors, and serial killers.  So I guess I’m stuck just fantasizing about it.


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