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Jurassic Park Theme

Did you know that someone on the internet wrote words to the Jurassic Park theme song?  I didn’t but apparently it’s all the rage on the interwebs.  Jeff Goldblum has taught us the lyrics to the song below:

Well, only one phrase of those lyrics, here’s a set of lyrics in full.  No where is the lyrics he said.  And he claimed that you could watch those lyrics over 200 times on the internet.  I don’t know where he’s looking, but I didn’t find anything except the below video.  Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but there’s already far too many videos in this post, so this is what you get.

It’s not really that great.  But then again, h0w many things on the internet are great?  Not this site, that’s for damn sure.  It has a Weird Al like theme to it, except it’s alittle too Shatner.  I bet if Weird Al covered it, it would be pretty ace.  But then you remember that he already did a Jurassic Park song, and it was pretty ace as it was:

Now, because I haven’t put enough videos into this post, here is the official theme, courtesy of Mr. John Williams:


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