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Jurassic Park IV; Jeff Goldblum

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Did You that there’s a 4th Jurassic Park in the works?  It’s called Jurassic World, it’s scheduled to come out next summer.  It’s even got a cast, and director and everything.

It’s not directed by Steven Spielberg, so it’s got a so-so chance of being a great addition to the Jurassic Park franchise, but I’ll still hold out for it.  BD Wong is reprising his role as Dr. Henry Wu, the scientist present for the births in the 1st film.  Chris Pratt, better known as Andy from Parks and Recreation is staring in the film.  I like him in Parks & Rec, but I don’t how he’ll fit in Jurassic Park.  I’m going to believe that he’ll fit in perfectly.

This video is only slightly related to Jurassic Park:


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