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Soviet Ghosts

Communist Train

Rebecca Litchfield has as pretty interesting photography project – taking photos of abandoned buildings from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  She calls the exhibit Soviet Ghosts, and there are some pretty interesting photos there.  It’s not exactly like all other photos of abandoned places.  At least these were once home to the 2nd most powerful nation on earth.

It’s interesting to see how just how far the once great nation has fallen.  Although, me calling a communist nation great has it’s problems.  I mean great in that it was able to be a credible threat to the United States of America.  But that’s the only way I’d call the USSR “great”.

Ghost 1

I like this circle building with snow in it.  I don’t know what is, her caption says it’s Freeze – Bulgaria, but it might as well be an abandoned Rebel base on an ice planet for all I know.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

But, let these photos be a lesson to you all,  Communism, not even once.

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