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Cookie Clicker for Smart People

Particle Clicker

Remember Cookie Clicker?  Well, the scientists over at CERN have made their own version of it but with science and stuff.  It’s called The Particle Clicker, and it’s pretty much the same, except it gets boring about 20 minutes into the game.  Things get way to expensive to buy, and you can never accumulate money or data fast enough.  Also, you max out the clicking power at just under 300 data/click, which is almost useless when you need 700k data to buy anything.

It does have one thing The Cookie Clicker doesn’t though, science.  There’s no fake made up fun here, it’s all science.  That leads me to believe that the actual processes needed to make the money, and get the data real true to life, which means that yes, being an experimental physicist really is this boring.

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