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Alternate History Thursday – > The Emperor’s Rise

On this date in 1934 Adolf Hitler rose to power as the head of state due to the death of the then current president Hindenburg.  This started his long process of trying to attain the 3rd Reich.

We will take this time to go back and acknowledge the time frame of the time, and an alternate universe land where he was stopped.

With the discovery of the TDD in the late 1940s, and the eventual improvement of the technology over the coming decades, various do-gooders had attempted to go back in time to remove Hitler from power.  Every one of those attempts was an utter failure.  What those naive scientist thought was that they would change the future in their current timeline.  Those futile attempts were the harshest ways to teach people the truth of the infinite universe theory the Aliens brought to us.

You see, time travel via the TDD doesn’t allow for the commonly understood temporal paradox, there just is no option for it to happen.  The dimension that they are traveling to is as different as you can get from the one they came from.  The only way to see a difference is to open multiple doors to the same universe but at different points in that universe’s timeline.  This is possible in theory, but has yet to succeed.

We are confident that with the further picking of the Alien’s brains, we will be able to determine the key to connecting to the same exact universe at different points in it’s time.

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