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Charmander Candle Holder


Imgur user maddynamite has made a cool little charmander candle holder.  I like it because it’s DIY, and Pokemon related.  However, I hope that they make a Charizard version too.  You can skip charmeleon, no one really cares about him.

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Milky Way

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day the other day was a beautiful multi-shot panorama of the Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park.  When I was there back in June, it was durring the Full Moon, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see anything as beautiful as this.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back there eventually, and I’ll plan my trip better and show up when there’s no moon.


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Judgment Day

Three billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two Terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the human resistance, John Connor, my son. The first Terminator was programmed to strike at me in the year 1984, before John was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at John himself when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for John. It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first.



If it weren’t for the brave heroics of a machine, the above photo would not have been from a test, but rather the actual missiles themselves.  Yes,  at 02:14 A.M. Eastern time, on August 29, 1997, Skynet became self-aware.  Through the technological advancements of the machines, time travel was invented.

The Terminator, was released 30 years ago, it wasn’t until Terminator 2: Judgement Day that a date was set for the actual day of judgement.  And as I stated earlier, that date is today.  If you are reading this, it means that we have successfully gone another year without Skynet becoming active.  Another year of the heroic sacrifice of The T-800.

But, lest we forget, each year we get closer to making the machines that will be our eventual downfall.  As we speak nano-bots are being researched.  Under the guise of battling (currently) incurable diseases, money is being funneled into their research and development every day.  Nothing can go wrong they say, it’s for the greater good, you’ll lives will be easier.

Don’t listen to them.  If anything this is what we as a species have the most to fear from.  Self-aware, intelligent self-replicating robotic entities are dangerous.  They are scary, they are not to be messed with.  I know I have many fears, and intangible advice, but everyone should fear this.

Now, as an aside, take a read at some of this behind the scenes info of the first Terminator film, it’s a pretty good read.


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Glass Blowing

How It’s Made.  One of those shows that you don’t realize you’ve watched for 4 hours on a saturday afternoon.  Here we’re seeing glass marbles being made.  Boring marbles are made by a machine, as you would guess.  Cooler marbles are hand made, and as such way cooler.  Seriously, look at that hand made marble with the string and colors in it, pretty ace.

Mike Rowe did a Dirty Jobs segment at a Marble factory.  The ones they made there were different then the hand made one above, pretty cool, and with gold.

{Evil Mad Scientists}

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The Land of The Free

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America, the greatest country that ever existed.  Although much of the rest of the world doesn’t really think so.  Well, Fraser Nelson of The Spectator has done his own original research and determined that American ain’t half bad.  In fact, in ranking the 50 states for each one’s GDP per capita, most European nations don’t make the cut.  In fact the first one to make the list is Norway, at #8.  The UK comes in at 2nd to last, behind only Mississippi.

Now, let’s listen to Ron Swanson and see what he has to say about America, and life in general:

{Washington Post|Reddit I |Reddit II}

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Getting Tased

“Art”, it’s such a funny word isn’t it?

  • What is art,
  • What isn’t art
  • How can I make my own art
  • What makes my art different from someone else’s art

Well, I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, even though I took an art history class in college.  I do know that the above video is some form of “art”.  Patrick Hall managed to convince a bunch of people to pose for portraits.  Sounds pretty normal right?  Well, there was a catch here.  He had a friend of the person being photographed shock them with a taser.  Then because this is America, and we like to waste our money on things, they filmed it, from every angle, and in high-speed.

Yea, it’s great to be an American isn’t it?

Here’s an extended version of the above, but this time seeing the person doing the tasing, and the tasee.  I don’t know if those are actual words or not, but I’m too lazy to find out what they should be.

In the behind the scenes version Patrick Hall tells how he set up the shoot, and how it all evolved.  In case you’re wondering why all the people look naked, it’s because he didn’t want anything distracting the final version.


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National Parks

NPS Logo

98 years ago the National Parks Service was created.  The first National Park, Yellowstone, was actually established about 40 years prior to that, in 1872, but like all things government, it took time for any sense of normalcy to be put into place, and in 1916, the NPS was founded.  Since 1916, the NPS has grown to encompass 401 units broken up into various different levels of hierarchy, from National Seashore, to National Memorial, to National Park.  Some monuments have been upgraded to parks, and some parks have been disbanded.  Some are one unit geographically, but treated as two separate entities, such as Denali National Park & Preserve.

Either way, the National Parks service has contributed more to the country, and to the world then you probably realize.  Take advantage of this great thing, and go out and visit a park.  There’s probably one not to far from where you live.


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Bookshelf II

bookcase loft

Remember The Most Usefull Bookshelf ever?  Well meet it’s younger brother.  This one takes a loft area and turns it into a circular bookcase.  It’s harder to use because you need a ladder to get your books, but it’s still just as cool.  I would think of putting one of those in a room in my dome, but I think I’d rather have that area be useable as walking, sitting, and/or reading.  Now, if they hung one of these chairs from the ceiling up there, then it would be cool.  Or better yet, just put one of those net loft beds.


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Jurassic Park IV; Jeff Goldblum

Teaser Poster

Did You that there’s a 4th Jurassic Park in the works?  It’s called Jurassic World, it’s scheduled to come out next summer.  It’s even got a cast, and director and everything.

It’s not directed by Steven Spielberg, so it’s got a so-so chance of being a great addition to the Jurassic Park franchise, but I’ll still hold out for it.  BD Wong is reprising his role as Dr. Henry Wu, the scientist present for the births in the 1st film.  Chris Pratt, better known as Andy from Parks and Recreation is staring in the film.  I like him in Parks & Rec, but I don’t how he’ll fit in Jurassic Park.  I’m going to believe that he’ll fit in perfectly.

This video is only slightly related to Jurassic Park:


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The Blue Angels

Blue Angels

I love me a good air show.  I’ve traveled the country to go to some, none of the “best ones” but one out at Nellis AFB, and one in Chicago.  If you’ve never been to an air show you have to go.  Try to go to one that’s at a U.S. Air Base if you can, you’ll be able to walk around and on some of the planes.  You can’t really appreciate the size of a B-52 until you’ve stood under one if it’s wings, and compared it to an F-15.  If you can’t get to a base, then you have to at least get a chance to see The Blue Angels (U.S. Navy) or The Thunderbirds (U.S. Air Force) fly.  Both put on a spectacular show, both make you impressed and wish you had better eyesight, and were just alittle shorter so that you could join their respective branches and fly.

Oh well, the above photo is a snap from the cockpit while the Blue Angels did practice over Chicago.  I’ve been the the Chicago Air Show, it’s extremely fun.  There’s just something cool about watching a fighter fly at 500mph near the skyline level.  You’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.

{Peta Pixel}