Grand Teton Mosaic


Grand Teton Mosaic
1,500 unique Photos make up this Mosaic

I like making Mosaics.  I used to make them a lot, but I haven’t in awhile.  I used to make really great ones, but the program that I had was removed due to some copyright issue, and so it was never updated for anything but Windows XP 32 bit.  And it’s too memory intensive to load it up in a dedicated VM.  Oh well, Andrea Mosaic is a newer, still up to date piece of software that makes really great mosaics.  That’s what the above picture is of.

I took 1,500 of my Yellowstone & Grand Teton photos (of nearly 6,000), and used them to make a huge mosaic of one of my favorite photos from the trip:

Sunset Tetons

Take a look at the dedicated page that Andrea Mosaic can generate to see a higher resolution image, and larger versions of all the individual photos that make it up.


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