What If?


Randall Munroe recently gave a TED talk about things.  Specifically his side blog project, What If?  It’s more or less putting a voice and face to the wildly popular xkcd webcomic.  It’s interesting.  I mean, the video is 2 months old, and he goes over some of the older What If questions.  But it’s still … Continued

How EGG Crate Foam is made


Once you watch this video, it all makes perfect sense.  Especially since it’s foam, foam is squishy, it makes sense that by passing it between two rollers and a saw you would get the pattern.  Still, How it’s made, awesome. {Evil Mad Scientist}

The SKY!


This is a pretty neat idea.  Using NASA’s Gamma-Ray Coordinate Network, a team of developers have hooked it up with Google Sky Map to provide real time information about the heavens above your very head.  It’s pretty powerful.  Now if only we could have faster than light travel, or some sort of photos from these … Continued

Robot Raptor


Seriously scientists.  what makes you think this is a good idea?  A robotic raptor that can dun at almost 30mph?  Does anyone remember Jurassic Park.  Remember Terminator?  Combine those two films together and you get what could happen to earth, (and what is happening in some twisted alternate reality) xkcd remembers: In the years since … Continued

Famous Movie Cars


Cars play a big part in films.  I’m sure there are a handful of cars that you can name just from movies.  Well, Jesús Prudencio, over at Cars and Films.com has taken some famous cars form movies, and made posters for them. I’ll be honest with you, I usually hate these minimalist posters that defy the whole … Continued