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Stumble XX – Return of the Wrong

Where to begin?  It’s been awhile since there have been equal parts amazing, awesome, memorizing, and just plain wrong in a single Stumble Bust.  This is a few months in the making, but I figure I might as well post it now.  I’m afraid that if I wait any longer I might mortally offend some people.

So without further ado, (if you’re reading this from an RSS feed that is), here are the latest wrong stumbles. (If you’re reading this on the actual home page, well then you gotta click something else, sorry).

This updated

putin 4chan

It shouldn’t be funny, but it is.

Cats do rule the internet

Cat Toilet Bowl thing





water skate park

This looks like tons of fun, and I don’t even skateboard. {source}



Can you find Wall-E.  Second question, how many of those robots can you name?  I got about 20. {source}



This is a perfectly looped gif {source}

mud hole

I want to know how something like that happened.  And if that guy knew it was so deep {reddit}

LEGO helmet

If I rode a motorcycle, I’d do this to my helmet, for sure. {Imgur}

long truck

Just wait for it.{imgur}

bullet medicine

It almost makes sense in a completely wrong sort of way {imgur}

Words cannot describe this gif, they just can’t:

chuck norris chicken candles?


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