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Alternate History Thursday – VR D-Day

Today marks a turning point in World War 2.   Both in the present reality, and in our alternate reality.

70 years ago Allied forces begun the largest seaborne invasion in the history of the world.  While the term D-Day is a generic military term denoting the day a particular attack or event is supposed to take place, common knowledge of D-Day is around The Normandy Landings, Operation Neptune, Normandy, call it what you want, it’s still one of the top 5 most important days in the last century.

Times have vastly changed over the years, and with the advent of Virtual Reality, in Oculus Rift, a group of 30 engineers has taken the original blueprints and digitized them in a fully immersive experience.  Their focus was on the engineering required to make these historic, and tide changing innovations.  From the Waco CG-4 Glider used to transport troops and equipment behind enemy lines leading up to D-Day, to the Mulberry harbor, the portable harbor that was used to offload cargo onto the beaches.

Using the actual blueprints (some of which they had to go dig up in the Smithsonian archives), Dassault Systems has recreated these massive and pivotal crafts in full 3-D worlds.

Dassault Systems has really outdone themselves, and they hope that for the 75th anniversary, even more will be available.  It should be noted that this is not supposed to be a recreation for entertainment, it’s for learning purposes, and more importantly, to honor the unknown, who made this monumental day possible.  Here’s a short video that explains the reasoning behind it, and what to expect.

I made this puzzle when I was around 12, I glued it together and mounted it on blue poster board and construction paper.  It’s hanging in a frame on my wall.  One day I hope to add some other Robert Taylor WW2 Puzzles to the collection.


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