Soviet Bear Will Fix You


As a general rule of thumb, I hate Communists.  Any and all, they are the sworn enemy of all that is Good and Free and American.  However, a particular unique student, or students have started their own campaign for Student Council elections.  It’s hard to tell how serious the whole campaign is, but it’s pretty … Continued

22nd Century Art


How would you like to be a part of a 100 year long photography project?  Well, Team Titanic, out in Berlin is about to start up a 100 year long project.  It’s not something that you would expect either.  Or even something that you could figure out easily.  They are planning to release 100 pin … Continued

The History of Color


The above photo looks like an alternate view of swatches that you would set up in Photoshop because you like things more complicated then necessary.  However, those are photos of pages of a book that’s 272 years old.  In 1692 a Dutch artist by the name of A. Boogert started out simple, documenting colors and … Continued

Project Northern Lights


Silent Storms from Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo. Not really a project, but I like Person of Interest, and that’s the code name there, and I really like code names. It still amazes me that there are people who live in those areas of the world who see natural beauty like that almost every day … Continued

The Perfect Shot


There’s alot of vanity Twitter accounts.  Some of them have made their owners famous, and rich.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re mostly enjoyable.  Do they all provide usefull information.  No, in fact, most of them are stupid. The Twitter account One Perfect Shot, however, is dedicated to showcasing … Continued

Musical Sand


At first glance, this looks like a regular old sand box, with some neat lights in it.  Look alittle closer and you see that the lights are pucks, that are interactive, and create fields that sound waves move off of.  Look even closer, and you’ll see that those sound waves actually follow the contours of … Continued

Half of Food


It’s interesting to see what things look like when you bisect them.  It’s even more interesting to thing of what they look like when you realize that there’s 2 different axis you can cut them in half over. There’s a whole subreddit for pictures of things fut in half.  I look through it sometimes, but not … Continued

Interactive Chandelier


EDISON from IDEO on Vimeo. How would you like a Chandelier that’s not really a Chandelier, but more of a grid of light bulbs on strings that move up and down based on 3rd party input.  Be it custom code, or responding to live feedback from the room it’s installed in, or the internetz itself, … Continued

May the 4th


Be with you. I wonder if they’ll manage to get Ghost Yoda in the Star Wars Episode VII?  As long as they don’t try and get Ghost Obi-Wan.  As much as I enjoyed Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan in the prequels, it would make absolutely no sense to have him be Ghost Obi-Wan.  And please, no … Continued

FPS Hockey


I like Hockey, it’s the only sport I’ll sit down and watch regardless of who’s playing.  Behind the scenes action like this is cool.  It’s made especially cooler by the fact that I was at that game in the stands too.  (It was cold, and it snowed that day, but The Rangers Won, so it … Continued