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The Widest Lens in The World


For the low, low price of $79,995.00 you can what is the widest lens ever produced (on the 35mm format), the Nikon 6mm 2.8.   This massive lens has a field of view of 220°.  For reference a human eye has almost 180°.  A standard portrait (taken at 55mm), usually has 76° field of view.  That means that the lens can see behind itself.  Let that sink in for a bit.

The lens was only ever a special order, and it’s original purpose was for scientific expeditions of Antarctica, so scientists could take pictures of the sky, and the horizon at the same time.  I wish they would digitize some of those

Here’s a video of the unboxing of one.  It’s not a true unboxing, because this lens hasn’t been made in 30 years, but the unboxing of a Fed-Ex delivery of one.  Still, it’s pretty amazing to see this next to a person.

And here’s another video of the lens actually in use, you can see that it can see behind you:

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Han Solo

Han Solo

Reddit user bergerfred has made a pretty damn good representation of Han Solo encased in Carbonite as a wall decoration.  It looks pretty good if you ask me.  I don’t remember how shiny it was in Return of the Jedi, but it looks like it’s pretty spot on.  I would say that it looks alittle large for itself.  Like, it doesn’t need to be as thick as an actual person, since you know, there’s not an actual person in there.

Han Solo 2

Take alook at the full DIY album.

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Cats rule the world

cat cannon

Well, at least the internet.  But these photos unearthed by The Atlantic show that even 100 years ago, people were still obsessed with cats.  I’d go so far as to say that the humans were mistreating their feline friends, but I have a feeling that the cats had it all part of the plan.

cat bolwing

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Gotta Make ’em All

Reddit user I_donut_exist has started the ardous process of making LEGO models of Pokemon.  I don’t know if he plans on making models of all 719 of them (there’s a new one since that video was made, obviously), or only the original 151.  Either way, he’s got along way to go from the 13 generation 1 guys he’s made so far.


I gotta say, these are pretty damn impressive.  Sure I decided to post 2 pretty unknown Pokemon, but these are the models I think are the most ace:


Then of course we have Blastoise, the turtle king.


Take a look at the other 10 over on Imgur.  Then be impressed.  I hope he continues his work and makes at least the rest of the original 151.  And knowing how LEGO has been teaming up with licensed projects in the past few years, I’m surprised they haven’t done this yet.  With the recent downfall of Nintendo, this could seriously pad the bottom line for them, that’s for sure.  They’d be printing money again.

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Conference Table King

When I become a multi-millionaire all of the furniture I don’t build myself, will be made by Tora Brasil.

This conference table made from a gigantic old tree is just a thing of beauty:

tree conference table

I don’t know why I would have a conference room, but I would still have this giant table.  It’s so beautiful.  And this coffee table, I know I already have one awesome table, but I drink alot of coffee, so I’ll probably need some more tables to put it all on.

Coffee Table

Before all you tree huggers come out let me just tell you, don’t come on my property, you will be shot at.  Then, you should know that Tora Brasil uses discarded pieces that can’t be used for regular common people furniture.  So Tora Brasil takes the ugly ducklings, and turns them into the most beautiful swans you could ever want.

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Interstellar (Trailer)

This is the 2nd trailer for Interstellar, the teaser was great, this on the other hand is so so.  The teaser was just that a tease of the film, this is a proper trailer, and it’s got me alittle concerned.  I first thought it was a film about interstellar travel, but this looks dangerously like a love story/family story.  I hope the it’s still as good as I want it to be though.

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The Turbo-gusli

WTF is a turbo-gusli you ask?  Well, a regular Russian Gusli is a regular stringed instrument.  You play like any other stringed instrument, and like all things, is limited to the notes that humans can hear.  So is a turbo gusli some sort of stringed instrument that produces sound that only dogs (or Russian Bears) can hear?


It’s a custom robot that takes the input from an EEG attached to a living human (or any other animal I guess), and translates that into “music”  I say music because if you listen to this video below, you’ll hear that it’s not really anything discernible.  But it is interesting.

::vtol:: “turbo-gusli” demo performance from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.


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NYC through the eyes of Game Boy

David Friedman has opened up the history books.  He’s unearthed pictures of NYC taken with his Game Boy Camera 14 years ago.  He’s documented 10 of them on his other site – Ironic Sans (which is a pretty ace website name, 2nd only to Deadly Computer I think).  Don’t worry if you only have dial up though, because those pictures are only at a resolution of 256×224.  For comparison purposes, that’s about 2x the resolution of the original iPod.

That’s Rockefeller Plaza above, and below we have some park benches.  Those two are really the only truly New York pictures I could make out anyway.


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Sleeping with the Enemy

The ghosts of dead enemy of The Civil War that is.  In 1934, Oswald Young of Petersburg Virginia bought over 2,000 tombstones from the Poplar Grove Cemetery and used them to construct his house.  Just by looking at it you wouldn’t guess what the facade was made of (since the names are apparently facing inward).  But nevertheless, they are tombstones.

But not to worry, as they were just Union soldiers.

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Giant Log Townscape

The Chinese artist of the name Zheng Chunhui has spent the better part of 4 years carving this replica of the Chinese painting by the name of Along the River during the Qingming Festival.

Here’s the finished product:

Finished Wood

It’s very hard to get an idea of the scale of this project from the above photo, which is why this next photo is gonna go in.  It has people standing next to it for scale:

log sculpture 2

The entire sculpture is over 40 feet long, 10 feet tall, and almost 7 feet wide.  Zheng Chunhui received an entry into the Guinness Book of World records for this piece.  It’s considered the longest wood carving.  I would also like to add that it’s ridiculously detailed.  And 3 Dimensional.  This entire thing is crazy.

Here’s some detail of what I am guessing is the Bridget Scene:

bridge scene

And here’s the corresponding scene in the original scroll {wiki}:

bridge scene

There’s even a video of it if you really want to get into it.  Except the video looks like it’s just showing the same above, but to music.  Oh well.

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