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N64 Coffee Table

Ah Nintendo 64, a great system, I wouldn’t call it “the greatest”, I don’t know what system, if any should get that honor.  I do know that the N64 will be remembered as the breaker of friends.  Be it Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. or Goldeneye 007, friendships where put to the test.  Three games that revolutionized their respective generas.

The logo itself was awesome, a three dimensional letter “N”, it just looked good, and classic, and will for a long time I would think too.


Reddit user Iam007sobeatthat is making an N64 logo coffee table.  It’s not unique, or even special, but it is cool.  The inside shading of the N is bothering me though, I hope it’s just this side of the N that’s messing me up, and if it were rotated 180°, we’d see some of the red on the side of the N.

Take a look at his Imgur album, where he has some more indepth photos of the process.

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