Conference Table King


When I become a multi-millionaire all of the furniture I don’t build myself, will be made by Tora Brasil.

This conference table made from a gigantic old tree is just a thing of beauty:

tree conference table

I don’t know why I would have a conference room, but I would still have this giant table.  It’s so beautiful.  And this coffee table, I know I already have one awesome table, but I drink alot of coffee, so I’ll probably need some more tables to put it all on.

Coffee Table

Before all you tree huggers come out let me just tell you, don’t come on my property, you will be shot at.  Then, you should know that Tora Brasil uses discarded pieces that can’t be used for regular common people furniture.  So Tora Brasil takes the ugly ducklings, and turns them into the most beautiful swans you could ever want.

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