Gotta Make ’em All


Reddit user I_donut_exist has started the ardous process of making LEGO models of Pokemon.  I don’t know if he plans on making models of all 719 of them (there’s a new one since that video was made, obviously), or only the original 151.  Either way, he’s got along way to go from the 13 generation 1 guys he’s made so far.


I gotta say, these are pretty damn impressive.  Sure I decided to post 2 pretty unknown Pokemon, but these are the models I think are the most ace:


Then of course we have Blastoise, the turtle king.


Take a look at the other 10 over on Imgur.  Then be impressed.  I hope he continues his work and makes at least the rest of the original 151.  And knowing how LEGO has been teaming up with licensed projects in the past few years, I’m surprised they haven’t done this yet.  With the recent downfall of Nintendo, this could seriously pad the bottom line for them, that’s for sure.  They’d be printing money again.

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