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How would you like to be a part of a 100 year long photography project?  Well, Team Titanic, out in Berlin is about to start up a 100 year long project.  It’s not something that you would expect either.  Or even something that you could figure out easily.  They are planning to release 100 pin hole cameras into the wild hands of the public, and have them set up to take one single photo with an exposure time of 100 years.  That’s 3.156 x 109 seconds.  That’s a long ass time.


That’s what one of the cameras looks like.  Next week, the public will be able to pay $13.75 to reserve a camera.  They will be tasked with placing the camera somewhere where it will be likely to last 100 years.  They (each owner of the camera), should only tell one person, later in life, who should do the same.  Until the summer of 2114 that is.  When hopefully 100 middle aged people will remember where they all are and develop the photos.  Hopefully even more, everything about the cameras themselves will last.  From being out in the elements for 100 years, to the actual building they’re attached to still existing…

I like the idea.  It’s pretty neat, I don’t really know how it will turn out.  But then again, no one alive really knows how it will turn out, and I guess that’s the appeal to it all.

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