The History of Color


color book 1

The above photo looks like an alternate view of swatches that you would set up in Photoshop because you like things more complicated then necessary.  However, those are photos of pages of a book that’s 272 years old.  In 1692 a Dutch artist by the name of A. Boogert started out simple, documenting colors and showing how adding alittle water changed the hue.  800 pages later he had covered probably close to 4,000 individual colors.

Think of the paint section of Home Depot, all those paint swatches that all look like each other that you take home and try and figure out what color to paint your closet.  Well this is the 17th century version of it.  Except it’s a hand made one of a kind.

Look at the intro page:

color intro

Even 300 years ago, there’s still too many shades of grey:

color grey

You might be able to see the full e-book version of this.  But that’s if the e-corpus website is working.  It looks like it’s reached it’s limit for awhile.

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