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The Perfect Shot

Ghost Busters

There’s alot of vanity Twitter accounts.  Some of them have made their owners famous, and rich.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re mostly enjoyable.  Do they all provide usefull information.  No, in fact, most of them are stupid.

The Twitter account One Perfect Shot, however, is dedicated to showcasing Cinema at it’s best.  Or, at what the account holder thinks is the best shot of various films over the years.

The above shot is from Ghostbusters.  I can agree that that’s a pretty great shot from the original Ghostbusters film.  I can also agree with the Spider-Man 2 shot below:

Spider-Man 2

Many, many of the other shots that he choose however I don’t understand.  Partly because I haven’t seen all of the movies he showcases, and partly because I just don’t agree.  While the shot he choose for Planet of The Apes was indeed iconic of the film, I feel like saying that’s the film’s iconic shot takes away from the spirit of the film, mostly because I think it ruins the twist ending that it’s so famous for.

There were a bunch of other shots that I didn’t agree with.  But I accidentally clicked on one of the twitter links, and when I went back, the lazy loaded page wasn’t loaded anymore, and I wasn’t going to scroll through the whole thing again and try and find them.


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