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Alternate History Thursday – Birthdays & Anniversaries

In our current reality, yesterday marks the beginning of the American Revolution.  However, as we have so easily showed, this is not the case in our alternate version of historical events.

In case you don’t remember, our version of America is not free, (it pains me to write this), but they are communist.  From sea to sea, and pole to pole, the largest empire in the solar system, and 2nd most powerful.  Today, the 20th of April, marks the anniversary of start of the American Revolution.  But it’s not that that makes us remember this faithful day, that’s due to the birth of the European leader that helped usher Europe out of the depression, and fight the dangerous Americans from making any progress onto European soil.


That’s right, I’m speaking of Adolf Hitler, who today would be 125 years old.  In our alternate reality he really did leave for  The Moon, but not to flee, to expand the European presence in our solar system, and prevent the spread of Communism.  So far he has succeed, but ever day we are at war against the Commies.  Every day we fight them.

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