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It’s not very often that a great book series gets turned into a great Television Show, or great Movie series.  Lately, (thanks to the success of Harry Potter), more and more beloved books have made the jump.  The latest series is one I only just started reading a last summer, and one I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment of come June.

SyFy just announced that they have a 10 episode season ordered for The Expanse universe.  The Expanse series currently consists of Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War, and Abaddon’s Gate.  The story of those books is set in the future when humanity has colonized the outer reaches of our solar system, and like we always do, we hate each other.  The Martians hate the Earth, and all the old money & power there.  The Belters hate the Earth and Mars, and the security of the planet’s provide with unlimited food and air, but would never be caught dead on a planet (mostly because from growing up in zero-g, the gravity would kill them).  Eathers just want to live as usual, as kings of the known universe.

It’s a rather interesting series.  In the first one each chapter alternates between the point of view of 2 characters as they race across the solar system towards the same things, not knowing they’re on a crash course into each other.  The next 2 books add more characters, and more points of view.  While this unique perspective on the story telling does force you to re-read, and re-visit parts of the story multiple times, it provides alot of insight as to what happened, and lets you see the whole picture.  I really liked it.

How this will translate onto the small screen is unknown.  I think they could do the same unique outlook on it too.  Have each episode be told through the eyes of one character.  However, while fan’s of the books might be able to follow, others would have no idea what’s going on, as the two main characters don’t meet each other until about half way through the book.  Maybe that’s an idea they can pick up in Season 2.

Anyway, for those looking to catch up on the series, buy the books.  And then watch the show, so that we can get a 2nd season out of it!

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