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Stellar Mechanics

stellar mess

Well, technically it should probably be called Orbital Mechanics, but I like the ring of Stellar better.  And I’m no scientist, but an American, so I’ll call it what I want.

Anyway, if you want to try your hand at building a stable solar system, go right ahead with the aptly named Super Planet Crash.  With a name like that it would seem that the outcome is to not fulfill the game’s name.  See, you have to try and build a stable solar system of anywhere from 1 to 12 stellar bodies that can last for 500 years.  I’m not quite 100% sure what a year consists of in this game.  I mean, it seems consistent across the couple hundred tries I’ve made, but it’s hard to tell exactly when starts, and where it ends.  Either way, you have to get 500 years of game time.  Which is harder then it looks.

I managed to get it, but with a super boring solar system:

stellar win

As you can see, I only had 4 planets.  And somehow, magically the Dwarf Star I placed didn’t screw everything up as so far I’ve always seen it do.  As you can see from the top picture on this post, crazy things can easily happen to the planets rather quickly.

I don’t know exactly how realistic the science is behind the coding, but I do find it amazing to see those once every dozen years or so alignments of the planets that cause everything to go haywire.  It almost makes you think about when our own solar system lines up like that, and if anything will happen.  And then just remember that there’s not a damned thing you, or I, or anyone could do about it, so stop worrying, and try and beat this game.

{Super Planet Crash}


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