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12 Days of The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Current holder of a handful of length records, The Simpsons, currently stands at 25 seasons, and (as of this writing, 547 episodes), is quite a juggernaut.  While some people have claimed that it’s lost some of it’s flair in the this past decade, I would counter that it’s still good.  Granted, I haven’t watched it like I do some other shows, but I will watch it if it’s on, and generally I won’t complain (unless it’s a Tree House of Horrors episode, I don’t like those).  Hopefully FOX will keep it around for a few more seasons at least, so it can break the episode count of Gunsmoke which  is at 645.

Anyway, FXX, the offshoot of FX, just recently bought the rights for every episode of The Simpsons, (for something like $500 million too).  And what do they plan on doing with them?   Well airing all 552 of them (that’s the total count after this season is finished in May) in chronological order, non stop that’s what.

552 episodes at 30 minutes each equals 276 hours, which is  11½ days.  That’s nonstop.  I’d like to watch some of some of it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to dedicated 11 days to just watching that.  I have other things to do, like work, and sleep.  And go through pictures.  I’ll definitely make time to watch some of the episodes through.

For those of you that do have the time, it starts on August the 21st of 2014.  You should check it out, you never know, you might find stuff that surprises you, seasons that were better then you expected, and everything.

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