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Don’t Get Lost

Lost Game

The exact opposite of last week’s post, this time the goal is to not get lost.

The instructions are pretty basic and easy to follow.  The hardest part is waiting for the street view photos to load (you’ll be doing alot of “driving”…).

I played it and ended up in some eastern European country based on the few street signs I was able to see.  I landed in a pretty good spot because it only took me about 10 minutes before I hit a main road.  And then I made a lucky turn, and saw a sign that said Moscow (in Russian, so apparently I was in Russia),  185km.  So I just followed that road south.

Let me tell you this, waiting for the street view photos to load took the longest time.  I don’t know why, my internet isn’t that bad, but I would often get just a white screen.  Next it may seem like you’re traveling real fast, but I was definitely going less then 50km/h because it seemed like forever until I made it to 100km till Moscow.

Unfortunately my browser crashed before I was able to finish, after I had invested a few hours over a few days into it, and I just don’t care enough to start again.


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