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Falling Rocks

Words cannot describe how amazing this video is, which I guess is good, since it’s not in English, and you can more or less get an idea of what’s going on by reading what I’m gonna say, which is ultimately, just reporting what NKR says.  And afterall, this is the internet, so everything is true.

2 years ago, summer 2012, Anders Helstrup jumped from a pane (on purpose), and filmed his parachute drop back to earth.  His safe float back to the surface was nearly ruined by a rock, falling from the sky.  That’s right, a rock, falling, from 10,000 feet in the sky, in other words, a meteor, for space.

The best part is it’s not even something you have to squint to see in the video, it’s pretty apparent at 25 seconds in:

That is a ridiculous once in everyone on the planet’s combined lifetimes event.  In fact, it’s probably a safe bet that it will never happen again.

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