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The Thunderbirds

Blair Bunting Flies with the Thunderbirds from Jaron Schneider on Vimeo.

I love the Air Force, and all things military aviation.  I’ve seen The Thunderbirds twice, and The Blue Angels once.  Watching those pilots fly those planes at near super-sonic speeds inches from each other is damn impressive.  To be given the ability to go on a short flight with them is something else.

That’s just what photographer Blair Bunting got to do recently after a photo shoot he did for them.  He describes in great detail his experience on the flight.  I can only imagine what it was like.  For now though, we’ll have to make due with the above video instead.

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Penny Art

Penny Tree

Penny Art is always fun.  It may take along time, and may or may not save any money, it’s still pretty cool.  This is more of an art piece of a tree and a moon.  But sometimes it’s just a plain penny floor.  He probably had to use a lot of sealer to cover the edges and get everything all smooth, this way there’s no tripping.


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LED Perspective


That’s a pretty cool lamp there.  Would it surprise you to know that it’s only 5mm thick?  That’s the wounder of perspective magic, this time using LEDs, instead of paper, and with clear acrylic, just like that Awesome Door.

Here’s the Kickstarter, which has already achieved it’s $20,000 goal and then some.

This one is harder to see the 3-D effect, but it’s still pretty neat:

3D Mountain

{My Modern Met}

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Rotating Head

Pretty neat.  Lots of perspective posts this month aren’t there?  The Paper, the Gas Chamber.  This is another art piece, and once you’ve seen it once, I don’t think it’s worth seeing again.  In fact, I’m pretty good just watching the above video.

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Super Mario Snap

That was impressive.  Mostly because I find it hard to snap that many times in a row without messing things up.

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McDonalds Hellscape

McDonalds 1

Art is weird.

I mean, look at the detail this person went to to make this super creepy McDonalds landscape:

McDonalds 2

It’s very detailed, and very percise, but it’s also very wrong.  Like, seriously, very wrong.  But it’s art, so someone likes it I guess.


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Paper Art

I’ve posted before some of the amazing things people can do with stacked paper.  While those dealt with the limited canvas of a book, here is some art that’s made free-form.  And it really shows, I mean, just look at this header photo I’m about to post!

paper hole

It’s hard to tell just how deep/tall this pile of paper is (perspective!), but it still looks pretty ace.  I also like the 3-D flowers too:

paper flowers

This is all the work of Maud Vantours, and she has some more designs on her site.  But i really like the 2 I posted above best.



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Stairway to Heaven

stairway 1

I was gonna post this under stumbles, but it’s so interesting, that I think it deserves it’s own dedicated post.

The above looks like a Stairway to Heaven doesn’t it?  Well it’s all just a trick of the photographer.  That’s the magic of perspective.  And unlike those annoying regular tourist photos of people stepping on each other, and monuments.  This one actually looks good.  In fact, this is one piece of modern art that I would seek out.  Were it not in Australia, I probably would end up going sooner, but since that’s on the opposite side of the world, and I have 50 or so National Parks that I still have to visit, it’ll be awhile before I get there.  (Also assuming that it’s still there)

The art piece is called Diminish and Ascend artist David McCracken, and here’s what it actually looks like:

stairs 2

It’s still hard to tell that it doesn’t go on forever.  It’s really just all in prespective and how it gets smaller as it goes up.  Being on a cliff helps the illusion.

stairs 3

Does anyone know it this is still around, or if it was taken down and melted?  It was made of aluminum, that’s a fair amount of metal there…

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In Case You Get Lost

Lots of posts this month about getting lost, or mazes, and things like that.  It seems like April is just that kind of month doesn’t it?

Did you know that there are giant concrete arrows all in a line across the country?

giant arrow 1

In the early 1900s, air travel wasn’t what it is now (or even what it would become in 30 years).  It was dangerous, and primitive, and slow.  But it was still the fastest way to get mail from New York to San Francisco.  So after WW2, the surplus air planes that survived, and the pilots that flew them took up jobs with the US Postal Service flying mail across the country.  This was before the times of Google Maps, before every kid had a globe in their class room, or even a well detailed map of the state they were in.  It was hard, bordering on impossible to fly in an accurate route across the country.

So, the US government installed giant concrete arrows along with 5 story light house lookout towers along the main air mail routes.  The towers were visible for miles around, and helped guide the pilots along the thousands of miles of flying they had to do.

Air Mail Map

With the advent of radio in the 1940s, and then the jet age, and commercial planes flying more and more, these became less necessary.  Actually, most of the towers were dismantled and used for scrap for the WW2 War effort.  But the arrows themselves are still in the ground in some places, and you can follow them if you choose.

I wonder now, in 2,000 years if America is no more, what the future inhabitants of the land will think of these arrows.  They will be America’s Stonehenge, no one will know for sure, but lots of theories.

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Caving – For Real

Remember Ted The Caver, that was one of the best short stories I ever read on the internet.  If anyone knows of any other stories that are similar, please, let me know.

Robbie Shone is a real life caver, who actually spends his time going deep down into the bowels of the earth in natural, and man-made caverns.  His photographs don’t show the constricting, creepy nature that Ted’s story had, but still offer a sense of amazement.  I wouldn’t want to be in any of those places, especially since they are all artificially lighted.

Cave River

Why would you want to go in there?  That looks horribly like a death trap.  Holding onto a rope for your life while (what looks like) fast moving water is pushing you towards certain death.  It looks like a great photo, but that’s about the extent I’d want to see.

empty cave

That looks pretty cool.  Still eerie looking if you ask me.  It also looks like there’s a giant cliff that that guy is standing on.


cramped cave

That’s more like it if you ask me.  Has the Ted The Caver look and feel to it.

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