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Here come some Stumbles*

It’s that time of year again.  The traditional dump of all things inappropriate for the internet. So join me after the jump for the best of the best, worst of the worst.

Let's GO!

This is a long exposure zoom of a back-lit keyboard.  I think this is beautiful. {reddit}

This train gif however has the potential to beat the above keyboard shot for best image in this dump I think:



Really, tell me that’s not mesmerizing? {imgur}

Hitler Pressure System

The Hitler Pressure system is represented by high concentrations of fast moving gas {source}


I think the Russian Referees make the card that much better.  Although, the sponsor is pretty good too. {source}


Looks pretty standard doesn’t it? BAM! Why else would it be on this list? {reddit|source}



This gif is so full of awesome it can’t contain itself. {reddit}



This is seriously amazing. {reddit}


It’s hard to see, but there is a guy there that the boat throws out of the way.  Fun times for stupid people. {reddit}


Sings that you have too much free time, the above {reddit}

I will leave you with this (equally as as the train) mesmerizing gif of a paper airplane machine:


I think the best part is how it lands right in the box of other pre-made paper airplanes.  Really, it’s beautiful. {reddit}

*Might not be results of actual stumbles

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