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Lights Off

Living in the modern age, in a modern western city, the vast majority of us are denied one of the most awe inspiring sights possible – The night sky.  There’s vastly too much light pollution in modern cities to see all but the brightest stars.  And that’s a shame.

Artist Thierry Cohen has come up with a novel way to counter this though.

San Frisco at night

He takes shots of the cities at night, and notes the precise latitude, and angle of his photograph, then travels to somewhere suitably dark and takes another photo of the night sky.  Then, combines them together in POST, to come up with a truly unique outlook on the night sky under some of the world’s most famous skylines.



Honestly, I’d love to be able to see this sight one night.  But I don’t think it will ever be possible.

Empire State Building

This view of The Empire State building and the night sky doesn’t look that great.  I’m sure with 360 degrees, or a different time of year, you’d be able to get a suitable breathtaking view.



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