Alternate History Thursdays – A Novel Idea


Let’s take a break from our usually scheduled alternate history or Nazis, and Commies, and Elite Super Powers, to bring you something alittle less far-fetched, the future according to various Sci-Fi novelists including the greats Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, but also those of the modern era, Orson Scott Card, and Phillip K. Dick. You’ll … Continued



screw:) from Yuma Kano on Vimeo. It looks like ArticPenguin might need to update his Instrucable with this new Screw Design by Yuma Kano.  It looks pretty neat, but I gotta say, outside of a few trivial applications for children’s toys, and furniture, and decorations, I don’t see this being usefull anywhere else.  There’s a … Continued

The Sky


SKYLAPSE – AN ARIEL HYPER-LAPSE from Rufus Blackwell on Vimeo. This is a pretty good time-lapse/video of the sky, as viewed out the window of an airplane.  Whenever I go on an airplane, I need a window seat.  It’s not often that you get to see the world from 35,000 feet above.  It’s truly a unique perspective. … Continued

2048 – Addicting


I’m almost sorry for unleashing this addicting game on you, almost.  2048 has the simple concept of combining same numbered tiles together doubling their values from 2 – 2048.  It’s simple, yet addicting.  The exact requirements for wasting hours of your life in front of a computer. It combines math, and puzzle, and future thinking … Continued

Europeans Hate Each Other


Watch as 1000 years of European borders change (timelapse map) from Nick Mironenko on Vimeo. Europe prides itself with its multi-thousand year history.  They laugh at Americans when we say our neighborhood is old at 100 years, they have special rocks that can reliably be traced back a few thousand years.  However, they hate each … Continued

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Boring


Neil deGrasse Tyson was at SXSW this past week.  While he was there he proved that he would be a horrible person to see a movie with. You see, movies are meant to be enjoyed.  For the most part you’re supposed to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the outrageous-ness of the next 2 hours.  If … Continued

Bad Songs III


I probably skipped Bad Songs II, but whatever.  I couldn’t pass this up: Katy Perry’s Dark Horse sung by one guy, in one take, in the styles of 20 different famous artists.  It sounds like it will be stupid and horrible (based on the source material), it is the exact opposite.  You should watch it, … Continued

Sand Art


Andres Amabor creates a unique series of temporary works of art.  Just after the high tide recedes, he heads out to the beach with rope and a rake.  He makes intricate designs in the sand that are better viewed from above, but (probably) still pretty good from ground level. His rake looks pretty strange.  I … Continued

Pokemon Fusion (Kinda Stupid)


I don’t know if I’ve ever posted about the Pokemon Fusion site before, I know it’s been around for years, but it was never really interesting.  That is until I stumbled across this collection of images. As a general rule of thumb, I don’t post fan art for a variety of reasons that include, but … Continued

Here come some Stumbles*


It’s that time of year again.  The traditional dump of all things inappropriate for the internet. So join me after the jump for the best of the best, worst of the worst.