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Meteorite Medals

One year ago today a meteorite entered the atmosphere over Russia traveling at about 42,000 MPH.  It was labeled the Chelyabinsk meteor, and in honor of the anniversary, all Olympians who win a Gold medal in today’s events will be given a special commemorative medal containing a piece of that meteorite.

Gold medal events today include:

  • Men’s 1,500m speedskating
  • Men’s (1,300m)’s & Women’s (1,000m) short-track speed skating
  • Women’s relay cross-country skiing
  • Men’s ski jumping (K-125)
  • Women’s giant slalom
  • Men’s skeleton

Here’s them making the special meteorite medal:

Meteorite Medal

Here’s the regular Gold medal that athletes have the opportunity to win:

Gold Medal

I gotta say, that’s a pretty nice looking medal.  I like the cutout in the middle with the prism.  Apparently making these medals takes upwards of 18 hours.  On the front is the Olympic Rings, while on the reverse is the English name of the event, and along the edge is the official name of the Games in English, French, and Russian.

{|National Geographic|sochi 2014}

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