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Luge POV

The Luge is my  favorite sport of the 2014 games.  In 2010 it was Curling, but in that defense it was because a a stellar looking Russian team.  Anyway, I’ve been watching all of the Luge events.  Doubles is pretty crazy, 2 people laying on top of one another hurtling themselves down an ice track at 80+ MPH.  Where can I sign up?

I’ve always wanted to try Bobsleigh, because well, The Jamaican’s , but luckily, the same course is used for Skeleton, and Luge.  Honestly, I want to try all three of those events.  Yes, even after watching the above video which is a First Person point of view of going down the actual Luge track at Sochi.  Top speed so far has been 140 KPH which is just under 87 Miles Per Hour, which is almost fast enough to travel back in time.

In case you were wondering how they resurface the ice of these tracks.  This is how:

They showed this in between Women’s runs of the Luge last night.


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